2019 List of Vendors

Vendors for the 2019 season include:

  • A&M Bakery (carrot cake, cookies, pulled chicken sliders)

  • AW Dog Treats (simple, fresh, human-grade ingredients in treats for your pet)

  • Azalia Farm (fresh produce)

  • Body Eclectic Skin Care (lotions, soaps and more)

  • BooYAH! Shrubs (over 30 different flavors of shrubs, which are drinking vinegars)

  • Circadian Coffee (locally roasted coffee beans and related items)

  • Harker Family Farms

  • Hot Toddy's (granola, fruit preserves and baked goods, including gluten free)

  • pH3rment (variety of krauts, kvasses and kombuchas)

  • Rosie's Riblets (specialty grilled meat entrees and sandwiches)

  • Wild's Apple Farm (fresh fruit and produce)

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