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2022 List of Vendors

Vendors for 2022:

  • A&M Catered Baked Goods (carrot cake, cookies, pulled chicken sliders)

  • Azalia Farm Market (produce)

  • Breathe Easy Speedway (smoking cessation)

  • College Avenue Library (seeds/info)

  • Do It Your Way LLC/Yummy! (desserts)

  • Flanner House Farms (produce)

  • Harker Family Farm (produce)

  • Lawrence Community Gardens/Kheprw Institute (produce)

  • Marion County WIC (WIC info)

  • Marion County PHD (Fresh Bucks info)

  • Mid-North Shepherd's Center (seniors)

  • Mother Love's Garden (produce)

  • North Greens (produce)

  • Path4You (family planning info)

  • Raphael Health Center (health care)

  • Rosie's Riblets (specialty grilled meat entrees and sandwiches)

  • Rub It Up Spices (spice blends)

  • Tea's Me Community Cafe (beverages/ice cream)

  • The Children's Museum (info)

  • The Elephant Farms (produce/herbs)

  • Three Sisters Garden (produce)

  • Voters' Registration (info)


In addition to SNAP, P-EBT and matching Fresh Bucks, our produce vendors accept WIC and Senior Farmers Nutrition Program checks.

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