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Mission Statement

The North Church Farmers Market was formerly called the 38th and Meridian Street Farmers Market. It existed as such for several decades, making it one of the oldest farmers markets in Indianapolis.

The market’s name was changed in 2019 in conjunction with the revitalization of its neighbor to the north, Tarkington Park.

What has remained constant is the market’s organization and sponsorship by North United Methodist Church, 3808 North Meridian Street, which presents the market as an outreach activity. The operation includes staff and volunteers from the church and support from the community.

The goals of the market are to bring fresh produce into an Indianapolis food desert area, support Indiana farmers, and provide a community activity for the neighborhood.


As part of the food access goal, the market participates in the Farmers Market Nutrition Program and accepts vouchers from the WIC and SNAP programs. It provides locally grown food, educational information, and health screenings.

The market is held on the first and third  Thursdays of July through September from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the southern intersection of the Meridian Kessler and Butler Tarkington neighborhoods, where it attracts a diverse customer base of more than 5,200 people annually.

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